Incoming Unity Assets!

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DroidEmotion will soon deliver a brand new asset package.

Toon cars and other vehicules will be super easy to use on Unity for your games :

  • Each vehicle have separate wheels, doors, driving wheel.
  • To change vehicles color, no need to edit or change a texture !! Just change the material color in the unity editor.
  • Each vehicle count around 4000 poly. it seems pretty high, but the rendering speed is more dependent on the shader you use than on the number of polygons. (just test it, you will be surprised !!)

here is a previous below:

How do you make it drivable in unity ?

The simplest way is to use the unity wheel collider. it is not very accurate because the component do not not use a “real” cylinder collider, but it’s fast and efficient !!

Go to the unity asset store

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