Creating assets for a DISK like game for unity !!

DISK is a very old game created by Loriciel and inspired by the film TRON.
The goal is to hit your opponent by throwing a disk (like a frisby)

Assets creation

First of all, i wanted to hide the player face by adding a helmet. why ? Because a human face is pretty hard to sculpt, and with a helmet, the player look more serious !! Furthermore, the helmet (and the player) will be black…much more serious. Who want to be mister pink ? Everybody want to be mister black !

The helmet

Created with ZBrush with the ZModeler tool.

The player

a classic athletic body of a man. Something like 3000 poly which is quite high. Notice that the joints contain more polygons than the rest of the body, this will make the skinning process easier…

Et voila….

Texturing was made using substance painter. The glowing yellow color is a additional emission map. in this way, the yellow will be visible even in the dark. Even more, it is possible to change the color inside unity, to assign different color to each player. (of course, without changing the texture)

The skinning process

Using maya, simply select the skeleton, the mesh, apply a heat map bind method, and that it !!

hmmm, ok, ok, it may not be that simple, but it does not matter, it’s done now !!

Unity integration test.

Once again, really simple. Just load your model in unity, put an animation on it, and it’s done !!

The disk.

Nothing to say…

However, spending a little time under substance painter, it is possible to obtain very interesting and realistic effects.
Almost no hand work needed, substance painter uses the geometry of the object to determine or place the scratch, etc…. 

voyez plutot.

The environment

In the original game, the 2 opponents was on a kind of checkerboard…
So, i made a simple scaled cube with a small bevel.

Adding some decorations…

I created seven different type of this mesh. (using maya and a simple 2D font)

I used substance painter for the texture. I made a sort of iron metal with old black paint.

Unity scene

In unity, juste assemble all things together, and the scene might look like this :

Download files

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