Texturing a complex mesh.

i want to show here how to texture a complex mesh in a relatively short time…

Model creation and preparation

First of all, i need a model. I decided to build a kind of cartoonish mill using ZBrush. Once done, i “polygouped” the model by shell island. Each polygroup will be a UV island !

It is not the best method, but it is fast. The best, and classic method is to patiently draw seams for each sub mesh.

Here, the result will be UV map with more seams, and maybe some deformations.
A very good unwrapping is time consuming (and is annoying). it is not the goal here.

My method is :
1) With ZBrush, polygroup the object by UV seams. Unwrap automaticaly the mesh in ZBrush. (using UV master)
2) I make some adjustment with maya (mainly the UV shell layout)

Here, it is important to make the “wood” UV shell to have the same direction.

To check the unfold, i drop a special texture on the model.


Now, i need some material. wood, wall, metal, etc….
material can be made with another allegorithmic software, substance designer. But it take a very long time to make a good material !
So, i decided to use already made materials. these materials are uploaded by the allegorithmic community. (https://share.allegorithmic.com/)

To texture the roof, i simply use a material created by rene2112 (https://share.allegorithmic.com/libraries/1159) and apply it to the corresponding uv shell.

And finally after a few hours of texturing….


Just import the model and apply the textures…

Download files

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