Crusade axe

Using the new Zbrush 2018 features (live boolean), i made a simple axe. It  would have been very difficult to sculpt without this feature. I did not want to sculpt too much detail and do it with substance painter. with substance painter, we can sculpt hard surface details using the normal map.

First, i start with a rectangle.

Now, we need a tool to make the blade. This tool can also be made with the live boolean feature of zbrush.

I obtain this form
With the help of two symmetrical cylinder, we have this.
We use a cylinder to make the hole, and 2 rotated cube for the blade.

To make the cutting edge of the blade, we need a more complex tool :

i don’t want to add too much details to the axe because it will add too much polygon to the model.
When, finished, just click the “Make boolean mesh” to create a “true” polygonal mesh.
We obtain a perfect mesh with the corresponding polygroup (very handy). Sometime, some errors can occur, zbrush provide tools to solve this.

Unwrapping and texturing

With substance painter, i created a smart metal material and add some insciption on the model.

Unity integration

Unity and substance painter use the same physical based material, so the integration result in a pretty good result !! (Environment map may need some work)


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