SCI-FI character

First, i need a human 3D model. I want to create a very realistic model, so i need reference….3DSK sites are great for this.

I decide to divide the creation in three part :

  • The base model (a nude woman)
  • The underwear scifi clothes (with some mechanical part)
  • The external armor (with big mechanical part, possible wearpon etc…)

PART 1 – The model

I Choose the edita model from 3dsk for my character :

Using very classic zbrush brush (claybuildup,move,smooth etc…), after a few days of hard works….

in 2018, I think it’s better to hide some parts of the body. 

I obtain this :

I posed the model in a rest pose.

PART 2 – SCIFI underwear.

Before I start sculpting, I need a direction to take …. a concept art. I spend some hour to search for a concept. (I duplicated my model, and using dynamesh i start searching differents ways to obtain a good concept)

I finally found this. It’s a scifi leather cloth with some mechanical part (to stitch part). For now, do not need to go further in the concept art… 

Now, it’s time to start creating precise part of the model. I decide to start with the boots (and not the boobs)

The head

Just following the main line of the art concept. The clothes and all the scifi parts have to be physically logic. The movements must remain possible.

The strange hemisphere on the ears can be some earphone etc….

Upper body

After many hours sculpting the clothes, i obtain the model below.

PART 3 – Mechanical parts

I just added a dorsal reactor.
I could have added a lot more but for the moment it’s enough for this project.

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